Your Donations At Work

BRCA Study at UC Davis

In 2016, the Foundation committed to raising $100,000 over 3 years to help fund a study at UC Davis (managed by Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, PhD and Jie Liu, PhD) and their development of a 3D BRCA2 model. Mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 lead to defective DNA repair and predispose individuals to develop cancer.  BRCA mutations occur in only 10-15% of all breast cancers, and the study of these proteins will lead researchers to better understand the underlying mechanism of how cancer develops and potentially develop new therapies. Dr. Heyer and Dr. Liu have achieved a breakthrough by purifying entire BRCA2 protein, a perquisite to determine its structure and function. For a quick overview of this on-going study, please read this: Funding Goal Project Summary. In the Spring of 2019 we will fulfill our commitment to this study.